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啤酒桶Beer Keg 名稱︰啤酒桶Beer Keg
品牌︰Gold Treasure
30L Din Keg Keg
1) Application: beer
2) Capacity: 30L
3) Model no.: D30 
4) Material: stainless steel SUS304/2B
5) Logo printing, embossed or engraved available, A broad array logos, symbols, production and filling date can be carried on the kegs.
6) Stackable and unstackable available
7) Unbreakbale stainless steel outer shell.
8) Different thickness of material available, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm according to the capacity and customers requirements.
9) Beads: Provides first-rate protection for the areas most exposed to the effects for falls and impacts. The pronounced shape ensures exceptional strength and also offers the benefits of a convenient design for handling purposes.
10) Hand holes: Secure handling of kegs is easy. The cleanly formed hand holes are absolutely free from burrs and provide a good grip. They enhance strength and are accident and injury proof.
11) Keg neck: To meet the requirements and high outputs of modern filling technology, we use forged material with high forming stength and single-fillet welding.
12) Rolling rings: These make a major contribution to the strength of the keg. The easy-clean contour is obtained by means of the special production process.
13) Circular weld: State-of the art welding technology ensures that welds are free from cracks and pitting. The clean, smooth inner surface is easy to clean and resists infection sources that might contaminate the contents.
14) Bottom chime: The chimes have to be especially robust. Exceptionally high buckling strength is achieved with stainless steel produced to the specification.
15) The keg is pressed with 0.5Mpa and kept 3 minutes.
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