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Oxygen absorbers - Tyvek 名稱︰Oxygen absorbers - Tyvek

EMCO supply the only European manufactured Oxygen Absorbers (scavengers) which are available as a complement or as an alternative to MAP techniques.The ATCO oxygen absorber comes in the form of a sachet, self adhesive label or rigid thermoformed "Oxycap". (see below)

Once a product has been sealed with the O2 absorber inside, the absorption process takes several hours to complete. At the end of this period, the level of oxygen within the packaging has been reduced from the 20.9% normally present in air to less than 0.01%. The absorber continues to work both on the oxygen present within the food itself and on any which permeates through the packaging until the food is used. As well as preventing bacterial growth the O2 absorber eliminates the oxidation which can adversely affect the flavour, odour, and colour of a product.

O2 absorbing sachets (Tyvek)(r) (HV)

O2 absorbing sachets (Tyvek)(r) (HV)


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