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O-ring gasket/unusual size of rubber gasket/PVC gasket/Cut gasket 名稱︰O-ring gasket/unusual size of rubber gasket/PVC gasket/Cut gasket
We are professional manufacturer of all kinds of O-ring sealing gasket and other special gasket.The O-ring seals gaskets are made from many kinds of rubber material with our O-ring gasket mold.We can manufacture the unusual size and shape of rubber gasket.Although the size is strange sometimes,we just need the design drawing of the gasket to make the mold and solve the sealing problem.We also have other sealing gasket series are including:Spiral Wound Gaskets,Reinforced expanded graphite gasket,PTFE gaskets,PTFE envelopen gasket,asbestos gasket,no-asbestos gasket,rubber gasket,ring joint gasket,BX ring joint gasket,RX ring joint gasket,ASME ring joint gasket,oval ring joint gasket,octagonal ring joint gasket,ect.We also have other metal or no-metal gasket,such as SERRATED GASKET,CORRUGATED GASKETS,METAL JACKETED GASKET,Metal flat gasket,Heat exchanger gasket,ect.We can produce according to many kind of standard.Such as JIS gasket,ASME gasket,GB gasket,ect.
該公司其它產品︰ PTFE sealing material/Teflon yarn/PTFE hose/PTFE tape/PTFE thread tape Ceramic fibre sealing material/ceramic fibre cloth/tape/yarn/Ceramic fibre packing Glass fibre sealing material/glass fibre cloth/Sleeve/yarn/aluminium silicate fibre packing Asbestos sealing material/asbestos cloth/tape/yarn/asbestos packing seals product/jointing sheet/sealing material/graphite seals/non-asbestos seals Molded seals Packing Ring/gasket packing ring/gasket ring Mineralic or Vegetable Fibre Packing/acrylic packing/asbestos packing CARBON FIBER PACKING/Carbonized packing/Pan Fibre packing Aramid Fibre Packing/Kevlar Packing/Kevlar Packing Ring Pure PTFE(Teflon) Fibre Braided Packing Graphite Packing/Reinforced Graphite Packing/graphite packing ring Sealing Packing/Gland Packing/gasket packing ring/Ramie fibre packing chemical liquid seals gasket/oil sealing gasket/steam sealing gasket Metal gasket/non-metal gasket/copper gasket/mica gasket/mineralic gasket OVAL RING JOINT GASKET/Octagonal ring joint gasket/aluminium gasket Ring joint gasket/API ring joint gasket/ASME ring joint gasket/SS316 gasket Metal Jacketed Gasket/Double Jacketed Gasket/iron gasket/carbon steel gasket Metal inserted sealing Gasket/metal gasket ring/inserted rubber gasket/SS304 gasket O-ring gasket/unusual size of rubber gasket/PVC gasket/Cut gasket Rubber Gasket/cloth inserted rubber gasket/rubber jointing washer/NBR gasket/SBR Gasket Modified PTFE Gasket/Graphite PTFE gasket/Fibreglass PTFE gasket/bronze PTFE Gasket PTFE GASKETS/Teflon Gasket/Plastic Gasket/PTFE envelope gasket Environment-friendly gasket/100% Asbestos-free gasket NON-ASBESTOS GASKETS/ASBESTOS-FREE GASKET/CNAF gasket ASBESTOS GASKETS/oil-resisting asbestos gasket/CAF gasket Die-formed Graphite Ring/graphite seals gasket/graphite jointing washer Reinforced graphite gasket/Tanged graphite jointing washer/Graphite seals Inner ring spiral wound gasket/Outer ring spiral wound gasket Spiral Wound Gasket/asbestos/graphite/PTFE/metal spiral wound gasket Sealing Gasket/jointing washer/flange gasket/gasket joint/ASME gasket

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