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PTFE GASKETS/Teflon Gasket/Plastic Gasket/PTFE envelope gasket 名稱︰PTFE GASKETS/Teflon Gasket/Plastic Gasket/PTFE envelope gasket
PTFE gasket is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape PTFE gasket, v shape PTFE gasket or valve annulus PTFE gasket.PTFE gasket has 100% PTFE structure. PTFE gasket can bear the most bitter chemical medium, and PTFE gasket has good anti-creeping performance.PTFE gasket is a replacement of asbestos. PTFE gasket is anti-creeping, anti-cold-flow, anti-low-temerature. PTFE gasket has no pollution. It is easy to install and replace. under small pre-stress force, PTFE gasket can bear great internal pressure even in a environment of changing pressure. PTFE gasket is the best suit the condition with rough and fragile flange and alternately-changing temperature.Usually,the working temperature range is -200℃ to 260℃. We have pure PTFE gasket,PTFE gasket reinforced with glass fibre,graphite PTFE gasket,reformative PTFE gasket,PTFE envelope gasket,ect.
該公司其它產品︰ PTFE sealing material/Teflon yarn/PTFE hose/PTFE tape/PTFE thread tape Ceramic fibre sealing material/ceramic fibre cloth/tape/yarn/Ceramic fibre packing Glass fibre sealing material/glass fibre cloth/Sleeve/yarn/aluminium silicate fibre packing Asbestos sealing material/asbestos cloth/tape/yarn/asbestos packing seals product/jointing sheet/sealing material/graphite seals/non-asbestos seals Molded seals Packing Ring/gasket packing ring/gasket ring Mineralic or Vegetable Fibre Packing/acrylic packing/asbestos packing CARBON FIBER PACKING/Carbonized packing/Pan Fibre packing Aramid Fibre Packing/Kevlar Packing/Kevlar Packing Ring Pure PTFE(Teflon) Fibre Braided Packing Graphite Packing/Reinforced Graphite Packing/graphite packing ring Sealing Packing/Gland Packing/gasket packing ring/Ramie fibre packing chemical liquid seals gasket/oil sealing gasket/steam sealing gasket Metal gasket/non-metal gasket/copper gasket/mica gasket/mineralic gasket OVAL RING JOINT GASKET/Octagonal ring joint gasket/aluminium gasket Ring joint gasket/API ring joint gasket/ASME ring joint gasket/SS316 gasket Metal Jacketed Gasket/Double Jacketed Gasket/iron gasket/carbon steel gasket Metal inserted sealing Gasket/metal gasket ring/inserted rubber gasket/SS304 gasket O-ring gasket/unusual size of rubber gasket/PVC gasket/Cut gasket Rubber Gasket/cloth inserted rubber gasket/rubber jointing washer/NBR gasket/SBR Gasket Modified PTFE Gasket/Graphite PTFE gasket/Fibreglass PTFE gasket/bronze PTFE Gasket PTFE GASKETS/Teflon Gasket/Plastic Gasket/PTFE envelope gasket Environment-friendly gasket/100% Asbestos-free gasket NON-ASBESTOS GASKETS/ASBESTOS-FREE GASKET/CNAF gasket ASBESTOS GASKETS/oil-resisting asbestos gasket/CAF gasket Die-formed Graphite Ring/graphite seals gasket/graphite jointing washer Reinforced graphite gasket/Tanged graphite jointing washer/Graphite seals Inner ring spiral wound gasket/Outer ring spiral wound gasket Spiral Wound Gasket/asbestos/graphite/PTFE/metal spiral wound gasket Sealing Gasket/jointing washer/flange gasket/gasket joint/ASME gasket

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