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   公司簡介 - 好仕達彩藝有限公司 Allstar Flexible Packaging Co., Ltd

Allstar Flexible Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2005, which is a local Taiwanese company. It was formerly known as Shengde Co., Ltd., and mainly provide PE film coating service. After undergoing many changes and transformations, recently, we not only provide PE film coating, but also can cooperate with various customers to make customized coating materials such as aluminum foil, cloth, etc., and is widely used in food packaging, daily necessities, etc. In order to satisfy customers’ demand on more diversity, the company also set up pouch converting department. The department has also achieved certain quality performance results. At present, it is smoothly process all kinds of special materials such as 3-Side Seal Pouches, zipper standing pouch, hot roast pouch, aluminum foil pouch even shaped pouch without any quality issue. Allstar has more than 10 years of experience, which can cooperate with customers to provide a variety of product special services, and assist in tracking subsequent related quality issues. Strict and precise quality control ensures that defective products will not flow out, moreover our price is highly competitive won’t disappoint to you. Please contact us and we will definitely be your best choice.

所在地區︰ 新北市 - 樹林
郵編/地址︰ 238/ 樹林區田尾街192巷12之3號 查看地圖
聯 絡 人︰ 洪先生
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